draw breath, draw energy, draw water, draw fire, draw tea, draw curtains, draw lines

This body of work is a consideration of what drawing is, a way of thinking about drawing as transference of energy. Rather than seeing a person as an instigator in the act of drawing, they can be thought of as a filter between a series of influences, both external and internal, translated through a medium, and expressed in physical space.

When you draw a line, not only is it your physical being that is drawing a line, but it is the physicality of the medium, and all of the context behind it. The tree that made the pencil. The earth that grew the tree, that made the pencil. The water that soaked the earth, that made the tree, that made the pencil.

The drawing is the physical manifestation of many elements, all distilled down to a single line. All drawing has this deeply embedded, complex, networked series of events in time and space that have allowed it to take place. This work is an acknowledgement of our interconnected position in this.