My practice explores temporal and spatial aspects of natural and built environments, and is located between the disciplines of photography and printmaking. The word photography derives from the Greek words phot meaning light, and graphein meaning draw. I draw with light, capturing still and moving images of marks, lines, surfaces and tone within these spaces.

For this project I have documented my movement across the landscape, journeying to and from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. By adjusting the frame rate while filming, I influence the effect speed has on time and space. Individual frames composed of line, shape and tone, elements synonymous with traditional drawing, capture moments in time. By observing, interpreting and drawing the distant contours of the mountains on the train window, I have explored the vast scale of the topography and it’s relationship to the often- overlooked indentations on the window’s surface.

As the train travels through the landscape, these seemingly insignificant marks intermittently draw our attention to the fore, with the window's surface offering a sense of stability in the constantly shifting surroundings. These explorations have tonal and linear relationships to drawing, photography, and etching. Investigating drawing through the lens of these other disciplines has expanded my practice and allowed a deeper relationship between the work and my surroundings.