My work is located at the crossroads of art and design. It is important that my art-making is functional, and my design has deeper meaning. I work instinctively, making compositions and connections across a range of traditional and contemporary mediums and techniques, drawing on my experience of designing and making over 20 years.

My creative practice allows me an intoxicating freedom of thought, whereas my design practice exists within certain boundaries. Working with these two very different disciplines, and finding relationships between materials and ideas, allows me to approach making and creative problem solving from a unique perspective.

As a designer, I use drawing as a form of communication, to convey thoughts, ideas, and to solve problems. It is a tool to aid in the creation of objects for a specific purpose. As an artist, I use drawing to document thoughts, concepts and ideas that explore more meaningful responses to the world around me.

For this project, I have extended my practice by looking at ways in which I might ‘draw’ in three dimensions. Taking the mark off the page, and into the expanded field, I have created abstracted lines and forms in metal, light, and ceramic, as well as mark-making on the body in the form of a tattoo, to communicate a sense of history and place. I have drilled, poured and cast ceramic, inscribed skin, and formed metal and light.

My work relates to the natural environment of the Blue Mountains, and the history of the Kiosk, and is a reflection and response to the site as a place of historical significance, beauty and wonder.